The menus

Piatto 50 anniThe dishes that have showcased our accomplishments over the last 50 years.

Business lunch
served at midday only
excluding holidays
Carousel of fresh fish of the day starters


Sottosopra (upside-down)…(root vegetables, mushrooms)

Piatto 50 anni“Vittorio”-style paccheri pasta,

Saltwater fish, according to market availability

Bite size desserts.

euro 80
excluding wine & beverages

The Truffle
For true connoisseurs of this fine fungus
we suggest “eight” different combinations – one for each day.
euro 320
excluding wine & beverages


For a sophisticated taste experience,
you can choose from the private treasure-chest of Da Vittorio
type and quantity of this precious 'Tuber Magnatum'.
The menu is offered at 160 euros plus the truffle at 9 euros per gram.
excluding wine & beverages

In the tradition of Vittorio
A menu of fish and crustaceans
prepared according to market availability.
euro 190
excluding wine & beverages

“Damare” raw fish and shellfish euro 80
Carousel of fresh fish of the day starters euro 60
Piatto 50 anniWarm steamed fish salad euro 70
Trilogy of foie-gras: the chestnut, the parfait, the tatin euro 80
Piatto 50 anniEgg "a la egg" euro 140
Sottosopra (upside-down)… (root vegetables, mushrooms, truffle) euro 80
King crab, pumpkin ceviche, ash-baked potatoes euro 80

First courses
Pasta and fish soup euro 70
Risotto, chestnuts, pork belly and reduction of Moscato di Scanzo red wine euro 50
First courses and truffle… euro 80
Piatto 50 anni“Vittorio”-style paccheri pasta euro 35
Gold, die-cut Spaghettoro with Pigna white beans, red mullet and its emulsion euro 60
Piatto 50 anniRisotto with artichokes, red shrimp and bitter orange euro 70
Fettuccina pasta, clams, sour cream and smoked caviar euro 140

Piatto 50 anniMixed fried fish with fruits and vegetables euro 70
White Cod with lime pil-pil, potato, dried fruit and roe pesto euro 70
Piatto 50 anniFillet of sea bass done “to the hourglass” euro 60
White fish Vaccinara-style euro 60
Deconstructed scorpion fish, stewed and raw euro 70
Special chargrilled langoustine euro 80
Turbot cassöeula euro 60

Piatto 50 anniFillet of veal, Rossini-style euro 120
Roasted pigeon, burnt tomato conserve (min. 2 people) euro 120
Caramelised suckling pork, pork head, citrus cream euro 50
Lamb cutlet with herbs and creamed celeriac euro 60
Piatto 50 anni“Orecchia di elefante” Milanese-style breaded cutlets (min. 2 people) euro 180
Royal hare, rhubarb gel and polenta gnocchi euro 70
Barbecued beef rib, flavoured with ume, carousel of vegetables euro 90

A range of selected cheeses is available on request
If you have a food allergy and/or intolerance please ask our staff for information about the food and drinks we serve

cover charge 7 euros
The menu is subject to change depending on market availability.
Some of the recipes for our dishes include natural food additives.
In compliance with legislative requirements, fish intended to be eaten raw has been pre-processed.
It may also have been stored at below-zero temperatures (-20° for 24 hrs and/or - 35° for 15 hrs) and it may have been frozen.
Please use mobile phones with discretion

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