Cookery school

There are no secrets in cookery, just technical knowledge and applications. And even before that stage there’s passion and commitment, so that the food conveys the very soul of its maker. The Da Vittorio Cookery School aims to pass on these values by involving participants on both an educational and emotional level, with that mix of expertise and familiarity which has always come through in the restaurant’s atmosphere. Working side by side with the kitchen staff, coordinated by the Cerea brothers, and their brothers-in-law Paolo Rota and Simone Finazzi, food enthusiasts can attend beginners and advanced courses, single-theme events, excursions to markets and production sites, tastings and discussions.


BUONGUSTO DA VITTORIO - September/December 2016 (Bergamo)

BUONGUSTO DA VITTORIO - September/December 2016 (Milano)



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